County Engagement TWG

Agriculture and aspects of biodiversity conservation being devolved functions, implementation of agrobiodiversity and agroecology practices on the ground with farmers puts counties at the centre of such efforts. The role of the county engagement TWG is to ensure that not only is the institutional framework favourable, but also that the unique agro-ecological, needs an challenges of the counties are properly understood and addressed. Essentially, the TWG will facilitate decentralisation of the activities of the national forum to the county levels and raise their issues and challenges to the national platform while linking them to other national-level stakeholders and networks. The Joint Agriculture Sector Steering Committee (JASSCOM) will guide this TWG.
Some of the activities of the TWG will include;

1.     Create awareness and link the CoG and counties with the national-level intersectoral forum (ISFAA), donors, funders, other counties, etc.

2.   Engage with counties and identify challenges and bottlenecks to the implementation of agrobiodiversity and agroecology and make appropriate recommendations

3.     Support counties to develop and implement relevant policies and strategies to enhance agrobiodiversity and agroecology

4.     Promote formation of county-level agrobiodiversity and agroecology forums

5.    In liaison with the principles, practices and knowledge management TWG and other stakeholders, establish and/or organize regular agricultural shows, exhibitions, seed savers/seed exchanges, etc. to create awareness and promote agroecology practices

6.  Produce a 2-4-pager report (by end of August 2020) with challenges and recommendations on county engagement and implementation


County Engagement TWG

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