Policy and Law TWG

The Policy and Law Working Group is charged with ensuring that there is an enabling environment for agrobiodiversity and agroecology to thrive in Kenya. It will continuously assess, review existing and propose new policies, strategies, action plans, legislations and regulations to ensure that they promote, incentivise and facilitate various stakeholders (national and county governments, private sector, research and academia, farmer groups, SMEs, etc.) to act in a manner that enhances agrobiodiversity and agroecology across the country. Importantly, they will constantly monitor progress in the implementation of these policies and engage with relevant stakeholders to ensure the policy objectives are realised on the ground. This TWG will be guided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries (MoALF).

Some of the key activities of the TWG include but not limited to;

  1. Review existing policies, strategies and legislations relevant to agrobiodiversity and agroecology, identify weaknesses, gaps and opportunities, and propose ways to address or enhance them
  2. Monitor progress on the implementation of the policies and legislations, identify bottlenecks, and propose measures for smooth implementation
  3. Organize policy dialogues and roundtables to link members with decision-makers and create awareness on existing or proposed policies and legislations
  4. Develop and maintain a database of existing policies and legislations, their status of preparation, review and/or implementation, and identify opportunities for engagement in the policy cycle
  5. Produce a Policy Brief with policy recommendations (by October 2020) and an annual Agrobiodiversity and Agroecology State of Policy and Law Report as an advocacy tool and to guide the other TWGs

Policy and Law TWG

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